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Cloudflare is a CDN that powers nearly 10% of global internet traffic. They use Intro to source engineers to their HQ in San Francisco.

"This year, Intro and referrals have been top candidate sources for me at Cloudflare."

Dane Knecht, Head of Product Strategy at Cloudflare

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"My calendar has been overloaded with qualified interviews."
Philip Marthinsen, Radon Venture

Quora is the world's largest Q&A platform.

"I highly recommend Intro. I am sure you get bombarded with sales people pitching but Intro is different. I believe it has strong potential to be a contender to LinkedIn."

Tenzing Bhutia, Head of Recruiting at Quora

Klarity empowers citizens, activists and journalist to act on corruption in their everyday lives. They struggled to quickly ramp up a technical team.

With Intro, they quickly got in touch with 25 interested, qualified candidates. Within just 6 weeks, Klarity made 3 successful hires.

“Intro has been incredibly valuable to me. They have mastered the art of identifying great talent.”
Peter Smith, CEO of

Wonder Workshop is a robotics startup based in Silicon Valley. With increasing competition and a limited talent pool, they struggled to find qualified senior backend architects.

By using Intro, they interviewed 14 candidates and within just 5 weeks they signed a successful hire.

House of Radon is an award-winning agency combining strategy, venture and creative.

"We've tried everything (including expensive headhunters) and Intro is the only product that delivers what you can expect in 2020."

Philip Marthinsen, Co-founder at House of Radon

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