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Intro's search engine and platform help you automate the initial recruitment steps, allowing you to focus on interviewing top-tier candidates.


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We help you automate your recruitment's initial steps — search, screening, and outreach. With Intro's unique search tool, you swiftly find your ideal candidates with pinpoint accuracy. Focus on meeting and interviewing candidates with the right skills and experience.


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Decide on the candidate profile you want to target. Our software will scour the open web in real-time to find matches. 
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Candidates get uploaded to our platform. You're always in control and can choose which candidates you wish to approach.


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Connect with candidates effortlessly through your own email. Just monitor your inbox and begin networking with potential hires.


Recently completed campaigns

Stockholm, Sweden

Senior Full Stack Developer

10+ years experience

Java, Springboot, React.js, AWS

Stockholm, Sweden

Requirements Engineer

Electronics, Embedded Systems

Bergen, Norway

Senior Software Engineer

6+ years experience

Java, Kotlin, Springboot, Kubernetes, Azure

Stockholm, Sweden

.NET Developer

4+ years experience


Tampere, Finland

Full Stack Developer

3+ years experience

Java, Angular

Oslo, Norway

Full Stack Developer

3+ years experience

C#, .NET, React.js

Stockholm, Sweden

Devops Engineer

10+ years experience

CI/CD, Azure Devops, Powershell, Linux

Malmö, Sweden

Software Test Engineer

8+ years experience

Test Automation, C#, Selenium


What roles are you looking to fill?

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IT & Tech

Software Developer, UX/UI Designer, CTO, Test Engineer, IT support and many more.

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Auditor, CFO, Stockbroker, Business Manager, Financial Consultant and more.

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Account Manager, SDR/BDR, Head of Sales, Customer Success Manager and more.

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Human Resources, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Head of People and Culture, and more.

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COO, Project Manager, Management Consultant, Operations Coordinator and more.

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Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Industrial Engineer and more.

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