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Automated search and outreach via email

Discover the power of automation and streamline the time-consuming tasks of search and outreach. Elevate your productivity by handling multiple processes simultaneously with ease.





You're in good company




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Find candidates 

Our search engine scans the open web in real-time to find candidates that suit you based on title, skills, experience, location, and more.

 Millions of passive candidates across the globe

 10+ sources lets you discover hidden candidates

 Always fresh data, straight from the source



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Get in touch through email

Handle everything on our platform. We make it easy to make a personal impression. The secret is automated email sequences and personalization variables.

 You control who's contacted

We're invisible; emails are sent directly from you

Significantly higher response rate

 A/B testing and automated follow-ups



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Connect and fill your pipeline

Responses from candidates come straight to your inbox. The difficult stuff is done. Now the fun begins.
 Stand out from the crowd by using email

Connect with senior talents

  Adjust the tempo to get the meetings you want





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See it to believe it

Try a search and find out how many candidates we find for your position.


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Build relationships over time

Timing is everything. Candidates can be on parental leave or in the middle of a project. We help you stay in touch over time.
 Smart email follow-ups at the right time

 Nurture campaigns keep you top-of-mind






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Forget outrageous costs. With Intro, you'll get a long-term partner to help you grow both your revenue and your profits.

 We automate the tedious stuff so you can focus on the fun

Spend less and get more

 Always guaranteed results – read more and get a proposal





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