Candidates own their own data

We only process voluntarily submitted professional information on request from our customers. Here are our 10 principles for usage of candidate information.


  Recruitment purposes only
We only help our customers for the purpose of finding or hiring candidates for full-time, part-time or freelance positions.
2  Relevant offers
We do our best to present candidates with opportunities that match their skillset and interests from relevant people within the company. Candidates that are completely off the market can always opt-out.
3  Keep it professional
We avoid processing political, religious and all other sorts of sensitive information. Your professional skills and experience is all that matters to us.
4  Voluntary information
We never track candidates – we only use information candidates have voluntarily submitted to the open web.
5  Always on-demand
We don't process data about candidates until we get a request from one of our customers.
 Minimal storage time
We keep as little data as possible, for as short time as possible.
 Candidate notification
We let candidates know that we've used their data before or by the time they're contacted by our customers.
 Full transparency
If candidates are curious about what data we've used, they can request access to it.
 Candidates are in control
We always allow candidates to request removal of the information we've used.
10  Regulatory compliance
The world is starting to take privacy seriously, with the GDPR leading the way. Intro is compliant and committed to adopting further regulation in this space. Read our guide on GDPR for sourcing.



If you want to permanently erase any collected data and make sure to never be contacted again, enter your email address on this page.